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A few photos

At my friend Andrew Gallo's wedding, summer 2003


Climbing the Quarterdeck of Mt. Aspiring on the South Island of New Zealand with my friend Dylan, Jan. 2003.

Hiking in Montana's Glacier National Park, August 2001. This was anamazing camping trip through some unforgettable scenery ... we coveredover 80 miles in our seven day voyage, and only saw a small fraction ofthe park.

Hiking in the South Island of New Zealand, February 2002. This was with my sister Meredith, cousin Anna-Marie and J.P., Meredith's boyfriend. A great two-day hike up to the Cascade Saddle.

I appeared on Extra, the syndicated TV program, on Jan 28, 2002.

I inadvertently found myself in the background of this photo, whichappeared in the New York Times on June 15, 2001. N.Y. Gov. George Patakiwas giving a group of governors a walking tour of Times Square to highlightits revitalization.

Sara, slightly digitally altered - Feb. or March, 2004

With my friends Dylan Carson (top) and Nicole Schiavi (bottom) atopMt. Washington on June 16, 2001, following the Mt.Washington Road Race. Dylan ran seven miles to the top of Mt. Washington!(Well, I would have too, but didn't make it into the lottery to take partin the race, so Nicole and I hiked up).

Top of the World Trade Center with my sister Meredith on July 2, 2001.

Rest in peace...

A duathlon I ran/biked in February 2000 on the South Island of New Zealand.I had hoped that my background in running would pull me through the bikingparts, but alas, it doesn't work that way and I didn't do particularlywell.

OnMay 7, 2000, a friend and I ran the Pittburgh Marathon. Unfortunately,temperatures were hot and muggy that day, and we weren't acclimated atall to that kind of weather. As a result, I crashed and burned (above left,walking up a steep hill at around mile 12), running a 4:30 and gettingsick immediately afterwards.

Had much better success at the Chicago Marathon on Oct. 22, 2000, whereI crossed the finish line (below right) 3 hours, 18 minutes and 11 secondsafter I started.

Bungee!!! Pretty self-explanatory, no?                                                                       Running the Eastern States 20
miler, from Maine through N.H.
to Mass, in 2000.

Hiking up and down a mountain, again in New Zealand. Feb. 1999. Don't askabout the mismatched shoes!

Another photo (of me) in Montana's Glacier National Park in August 2001. Notice the deer wandering through the lake at dawn... just beautiful.

Day hike in New Hampshire, August 2000.

Crossing the halfway point during the St. George Marathon in Utah, Oct. 6, 2001.


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