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Some more photos of yours truly

last updated 03-Dec-2003


webcam pix, fall/winter 2003



Hiking up to French Ridge hut near Mt. Aspiring, Jan. 2003.



Sydney, Jan. 2003.


My brother Evan and me, May 2002

Some passport photos from 1982, 1991, 1998 and 2002 ...

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This was at a Sept. 1999 Ironman Triathlon that Dylan was running in Ohio. We had to get up real early. I just did the marathon part of it.

With Dylan in lovely Las Vegas (can't you tell?) This is on a gorgeous day at the Hard Rock Hotel,
following the St. George Marathon in October 2001. (We have literally dozens of post-race pictures like this, the poses are all the same, only the background is different...)

Stunning San Francisco! I was there in February 2000.


Another photo from my Feb. 2002 hiking trip in New Zealand, with my sister, Meredith; cousin, Anna-Marie; and sister's boyfriend, J.P.