2 interesting articles

How America Lost the War on Drugs from Rolling Stone.

The Golden Suicides from Vanity Fair, on the suicide of Theresa Duncan, 40, followed a week later by her boyfriend, Jeremy Blake, 35.

cape verde in nyt

Interesting story on Cape Verde and international migration in the NYT.

return to more normal shift

Huzzah! After nearly two months of working a 2-10pm and 4-midnight shift, this week and next I’m on for noon-8 p.m.

I can see my friends again!

But it is a little weird in that I have today and Thursday off instead of Saturday and Sunday. But nevermind. My big project today: I took […]

cut off

So I guess I found a girlfriend just in time … I am working 2-10 p.m. and 4-midnight shifts for at least the next couple weeks. Makes it difficult to socialize and go out carousing…

I feel cut off from all my friends. I miss my old noon-8 p.m. shift!

Oh well, I’ll survive. I […]

reporter no more!

So I’ve basically been a reporter in some capacity or another for … well basically since a few months after college. And much of my time in college. But now I’m not! It’s crazy; I never thought I’d get sick of it. “I can’t believe you’re burnt out on breaking news :)” a friend and […]

six years reporting from the streets of New York and across the country

Spending Christmas Day 2004 interviewing a man whose son had just killed the man’s mother in a psychotic rage. Unopened presents lay scattered beneath the tree.

Covering the funeral of the three young Muslim girls swept out to sea while swimming in the Rockaways in 2001. The family’s grief, and the kindness their uncle showed […]

employee benefits

With a week left before I start at the LUNO, I have been annoying my coworkers with tales of how great it will be to work there. “Oh yeah, they have this huge newsroom, bigger than this,” I was saying Sunday. “The computers are great, with two flat screen monitors. And there’s windows! A view! […]

derek’s big day

So I am just back from picking up my bib number at the marathon expo, which is always fun and exciting. But that was not the most thrilling part of my day so far. Oh no.

Earlier, I accepted a new job and gave notice on my current one.

Yup, after six years as a […]

questions, answered (part 1)

C’mon folks, you can do better than these questions! But here are the answers so far. If anyone has more questions, you have until Friday to get ’em in.

Tom: Hey Derek, Riddle me this: I’m a fellow reporter and I’d like to know how you landed your current job. How many yrs experience did […]

more modern love

I liked this Modern Love column too:

My friends and I were talking about love, about looking for it, finding it. Elana, who was single (and Jewish), announced with utter conviction that she would never be able to live with someone who wanted a Christmas tree in his house. Others nodded in agreement. I thought […]

when reporters have opinions

So some of you may have read recent reports that NYT reporter Linda Greenhouse gave a speech at Harvard over the summer saying, among other things, that U.S. policy has been hijacked by “religious fundamentalism.” “To say that these last few years have been dispiriting,” Greenhouse said, “is an understatement.”

Obviously, this led to a […]

‘Tiny tots get toted to school’

From today’s NYDN:

Tots toted to classes Head smart for rug rats BY D—- R— DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER You’re never too old to learn – but can you be too young?

A Bayside, Queens, social worker is offering classes for babies not even a year old, promising they’ll make the tots smarter and better […]

‘modern love’

How good is the Times’ “Modern Love” column? I think it is my favorite regular feature in the Sunday Times. A story on breast milk is not the kind of thing I’d ever think I’d find interesting, but this was a great read. The end definitely brought a lump to my throat.

‘Fence Meets Wall of Skepticism’

The WP tallies the reasons why a fence along the Mexican border isn’t practical.

‘Yank pinstripes tossed in bargain bin’

Whoever wrote this story in today’s Daily News was obviously a creative genius… if only I could make out the byline…

They’re the most expensive team in baseball – but Yankee merchandise can now be had at dirt-cheap prices following the Bumbling Bombers’ humiliating early exit in the playoffs.

The only problem: Most people […]

pepper & otter

$#%$#@ this political @$% … what I care about is great storytelling. I loved this story by the Times’ Michael Wilson:

The tip of a crowbar jammed behind the big letter P, and all of a sudden, the place was just “Pepper & OTTER.” That never could have worked. Who is going to buy a […]

story on holocaust survivors

Under my employers blogging new policy, I guess I can’t say who wrote this story in Sunday’s paper…

It’s been seven decades since the German concentration camp, the three-week forced march through the ice and snow, the daily deaths, the terror.

Sally Sachs can never forget – and neither can her body.

“Today I feel […]

what the hell happened to the boston globe?

Growing up in Massachusetts, I lived in a household that subscribed to the Boston Globe. I think I first just read it for the comics, and then eventually graduated to the other sections. I always enjoyed reading it over breakfast.

I went away to New York for college, but returned to Boston and quickly subscribed […]

palm steakhouse

Fun little story on the Palm steakhouse, which is celebrating its 80th birthday today. I admit I was skeptical when my editor assigned it, having only been to the Palm in D.C. There’s a lot more history to this one…

nyp parking list

Thanks to colleague Jess Wisloski, here’s a list of NYP parking spaces. (spaces you can park if you NY press plates) (link fixed now, sorry)