weekend update

Okay, yes C. did come with me to the Flyer party … and this would have been a good picture of us together if it wasn’t so blurry. Alas… There’s actually a good picture of C. here, but I look retarded. Ooops.

Anyway it was a fun evening. C. and I took to telling people that we had met that night at the coat check … I’d be like, “what’s your name again?” I also ran into “Runner 26” and her husband and told them that C. and I had met at a L.E.S. “spanking party.” I’m not sure if she believed me, but I think she did edge away from us a little bit. Hee hee…

Saw Flygirl as the evening at the close of the evening; she was going to go to the bar downstairs with a group. Tried to persuade her she should just drink water and O’Douls for the rest of the evening, but I’m not sure she was listening….

When we got home there was some mail for me. A new luxury highrise on W. 57th St., the Sheffield57 condominium, had sent me a mailing. The building will include an open-air pool, sun terrace, private restaurant and lounge, spa, PET SPA (Look Papi and Coco!) and screening room. Yowza.

view from linkThen perusing the NYT on Sunday we discovered the building was having an open house that afternoon. So naturally we decided to check it out. Also visited the Link, another HK condo under construction. In the photo you can see C. showing off the views from the Link’s 40th floor in an unfinished unit … we had to take one of those “construction elevators” built outside the building to get up, which was kinda cool.

Of course neither of us can afford a $1.3M apartment, but it was fun to look … the cheapest we saw was a sweet $770,000 studio decked out as a bachelor pad, complete with a bottle of gin in the bathtub. Well, maybe someday….

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