the back of my headI have been on Propecia almost three months now. According to the Web site you’re supposed to see improvement in “as little as” three months, although it seems like six months is more realistic. I haven’t noticed any real different, but it’s actually very hard to see the back of your head. (Or even take a picture of it — this took numerous attempts). We shall see. So far I have not noticed any “sexual side effects,” thank goodness.

By the way I decided to try Propecia after reading this blog-post, although it took my awhile to get around to it.

I also went to two Crossfit classes this week, mostly because my friend Allison is a personal trainer there and very, very enthusiastic about it. (She is also looking extremely buff these days). I am thinking about signing up. Crossfit is this new training regimen that involves short, very energetic exercises that mixes weights, gymnastics and track and field skills. (The NYT wrote about it here in a story called “Getting Fit, Even if it Kills You.”) I am relatively sore in unusual places after my workouts, which I think is a good sign. I think I have been in a little bit of a fitness rut and could use something new.

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  • Derek, glad you enjoyed the CrossFitting. Looking forward to seeing you back at the Black Box very soon.

    To anyone who reads that NYT story and gets scared off of the idea of CrossFit, let me tell you that the journalist who wrote it obviously came in with the scare-tactic angle already in mind and then cherry-picked her “facts” accordingly. The truth about CrossFit is that while it IS difficult, it’s not dangerous or impossible. We are sticklers for proper form and we scale workouts to each individual’s abilities, whatever they may be.

    For a less-biased, more useful description of CrossFit-style training, I’d recommend this one from the L.A. Times. I think they’re a pretty reliable news source.

    Or just come down and check us out. First class is free, and we love letting people see what we are all about.

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