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nelson blueSo on Thursday I went to Nelson Blue, New York’s first kiwi bar by the South Street Seaport, about a 10 minute walk from my new pad. It is a sleek, beautiful bar that was quite busy around 1 a.m. It is named for Nelson, New Zealand, where owner Pauli Morgan hails from. I walked in and one of the bartenders remembered me from Mercury Bar, where she used to work. This may be a sign I drink too much. However, I am going to try to follow the World Cup, and this is the bar to do it.

nelson blueNote: this would be the RUGBY World Cup, not the women’s soccer world cup that has been a little bit in the news. In Hawaii my uncle was mildly outraged that no attention was being paid by American media to the rugby (“It’s the world’s third-biggest sporting event!”). There’s even a U.S. team playing in the rugby; they are 0-2 but apparently doing better than expected.

nelson blueAnyway, the bar serves Speights and Steinlager and a selection of American other imported beers. There’s also an assortment of Australian and New Zealand wines. Behind the bar there’s an arch with a beautiful Maori carving — although it’s actually made out of Italian wood. The menu is said to be “inspired” by Kiwi cuisine rather than really imitate it. (they do serve pavlova and meat pies). It seemed to draw an upscale crowd. I will be back.

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  • themofo

    >>they are 0-2 but apparently doing better than expected.

    How exactly is that possible?

    Although, I was in NZ in 2003 when the rugby world cup was being played, and I have to admit it was great stuff to watch– and the evening Sox games were on Kiwi television at 2 in the afternoon, a nice treat.

  • I guess they only lost to England 28-10 and to Tonga 15-25. New Zealand by contrast has beaten Italy 76-14, Portugal 108-13 and Scotland 40-0.

    I still don’t really understand the rules in rugby. But the first time I watched it I thought I was watching highlights – every play is really that exciting.

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