It is a little weird to finally finish reading this trilogy I have been working on for … the past five years. That seems like a long time. I actually would consider myself a fast reader who as a kid would devour books. But these books were like — impenetrable. Dense. But worth it in the end.

(It is not like I didn’t read other nonfiction books while reading these novels. I recently finished Laura Kipnis’ Against Love: A Polemic, Colby Buzzell’s My War: Killing Time in Iraq, and have been reading Virginia Postrel’s The Substance of Style: How the Rise of Aesthetic Value Is Remaking Commerce, Culture, and Consciousness … but these were all basically slim bathroom books. Comparatively easy reads.

Anyway, now that I am done with The Baroque Cycle, I think I will get started on some of the books S. lent me and I never returned after our breakup … ummm, 2 1/2 years ago. Well, I have been meaning to return them — I just figured that kindhearted person that she is, she’d want me to read ’em first. So we have A Confederacy of Dunces and The Amazing Adventures of Cavalier & Clay. Also, David Halberstam’s The Teammates, although that was a gift. And the Master & Margarita, although I’m not sure where that is. (I’ll buy you a new one S., if you still read this).

Once I’m done with those, I will get started on the book C. gave me: Here is New York.

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