what a news week

There was no mega-story this week, obv., like the Indian Ocean tsunami or the Va. Tech shootings or the Sago mine disaster … but jeez, it has still been busy with a lot of different stories:

  • The highest rated Super Bowl ever ended in a massive upset
  • Super Tuesday didn’t clarify anything for the Democrats, and Mitt Romney dropped out on the GOP side
  • The deadliest series of tornadoes in two decades killed dozens in the South

And then, in the past 24 hours or so:

  • A gunman with a history of mental problems kills three family members, shoots a LAPD SWAT team member dead during a standoff, and then is killed by police himself.
  • Another gunman bursts into a City Council meeting in Kirkwood, Mo., and fatally shoots five people, and then is killed by police himself.
  • A third gunman — a woman — fatally shoots two people at a Baton Rouge, La., vocational college, then kills herself.
  • A man with a gun and a knife attacks and wounds his estranged wife in front of her class of fifth-graders in Portsmouth, Ohio. He then flees and later kills himself with a shotgun blast to the head.
  • A massive explosion at a sugar refinery in Port Wentworth, Ga., kills at least four and injures dozens.
  • Federal authorities make dozens of Mob arrests in an attempt to take down what’s left of the Gambino crime family.


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