goals 2008 week 11

Okay, so my father requested an update on how I am doing on those New Year’s resolutions. In truth I have been a little lax on the updates. After achieving my weight one, I maybe slacked off a bit. Also my trainers at Crossfit told me I should stop doing sit-ups for awhile as my running has supposedly made me “hunched over” and concentrate on back extensions to open up my back. Kinda a reverse situp. But anyway, here is the update.

Fitness: Did 64 situps in two minutes yesterday, down from 69 on Jan. 20. Hmm. But 19 pullups just now, up from 18. Have a 15K run schedule for tomorrow, so we’ll see how I do on that.

Weight: Part 1 of this goal was achieved: I got down to 168 pounds. Part 2 is to maintain my weight throughout the year at less than 170. And I’ve done that so far … although I just squeezed in at 169.5 just now on my bathroom scale. (Yesterday it read 168). I haven’t been concentrating on this too much. But that was sorta the point; you don’t want to be on a strict diet all the time. And I gotta say: I am NOT going to try to get down to this weight again during winter. Seven percent body fat is just too low for cold weather! I wanna be tough and that is not achieved by sitting there shivering on the subway!

Debt: There has been some backsliding here … I won’t say how much. It made sense, though, for me to pay for a year of Crossfit all at once, rather than do a month-by-month thing.

So anyway, that’s the update. I also been doing a lot of running; making it to the speedwork sessions with the Flyers and doing the odd Thursday night at the races night at the Armory with the NYRR. So I think that is coming along.

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  • RMRose

    So wasn’t the self-articulated goal to report weekly and weren’t we suppose to bug you if you didn’t report on progress? 🙂

    Do you want to modify your goals?

    How are you doing on those?

    Oh yeah, is there anything new happening in the construction site? that was boring as the photos from week to week looked essentially the same, maybe now there’s something new.

  • Like I said, the weight goal has been accomplished, although I decided that was too skinny as it left me susceptible to cold. Maybe when it (finally) warms up I’ll try to get down to 168 again. And the sit-ups goal is on hold at recommendation of trainers to focus on back extensions and marathon training. Still trying to pay off debt.

  • Okay, I have posted new photos. But Dad you were the one who wanted me to post the last set of photos; I did that at your request and I’m doing so again today — so please do not accuse these photos of being “boring”!

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