small claims court case – update

So regarding my previously-blogged-about small claims case against my ex-landlord, I did get the check from the management company this week. Have already sent half to my ex-roomie and used the rest of pay off debts…

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  • Veryinteresting

    I kid you not I worked for Midwood briefly and they will pinch their tenants DRY. Steven Brown is the lowest of the low and I’m not a bitter employee I just overheard enough of his conversation to know he slithers when no one is looking. they so things like this to their tenants all the time. They have a mall in FL that’s full of small vendors and they sent them notices that they all had to be out before Christmas which is the only season they really make money. They didn’t really need them out until much later but they charged them extra money to stay through the holiday. These people had been in that location for many years most of them had long term relationships with the owner John Usdan. John had long since planned to kick them out with no notice in an attempt to build a Home Depot. When these tenants try to renew their lease he told them don’t worry about it and they trusted him not knowing what was about to happen…….Midwood Management is horrible. I could tell stories like this all day.

  • Midwood tenant

    Hi Veryinteresting
    I was a Midwood managemenmt Tenant from 2003 to 2008 in brooklyn, NY
    i would like to talk to you if possible.
    Frmr Midwood tenant.

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