resolutions for 2009

Getting these in under the wire.

1. Get down to 168 lbs. Again. I’m fine with the way I look now at 172, and don’t want to sound like one of those annoying people picking at minor body flaws, but hey, why not?

2. Get that score of 285 on the Marine Corps fitness test. Carryover from 2008.

3. Find stable employment that doesn’t involve so many nights and weekends. (As I’ve mentioned before, the department I work for is getting broken up and “regionalized” to four locations around the country: Philly, Atlanta, Phoenix and Chicago. I’d ideally like to stay in New York, but it looks like I only have a job here through late 2009).

4. Yoga resolutions: be able to do full wheel for a minute, standing split with fingertips on floor, a headstand in the center of the room and a handstand even if against the wall. Also: do yoga everyday for a month.

5. Run another marathon.

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