carnival of the runners?

So I think many bloggers are familiar with these “carnival of the recipes,” “carnival of the cats,” etc. … basically a weekly roundup or showcase of the “best-of” posts on a particular topic. (There is a Catholic Carnival, a carnival for gun lovers, etc.)

I was thinking of starting one for running — basically a single place where (hopefully) one could get the best blog-posts on running for the week. There’s a lot of great writing out there that could use the exposure, and I know I find a lot of it inspirational.

Does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions/comments?

And any ideas on a better name than “carnival of the runners”?

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  • nancy

    That’s a GREAT idea…I’ll put my thinking cap on…not that my cap has been known for creative results, but maybe we’ll get lucky. Either way, I totally support this idea of yours!

  • nancy

    I dunno man, but if I’m not part of this carnival, I’m going to beat you with sticks.


  • Of course you will be part Adeel. And I will be looking for help with promotion. Also, there will be rotating hosts for each week … (the host would go through submissions and write up the summary on his/her blog).

    But I’m glad people like it, will go ahead with things. Just trying to think up a less-lame name than “Carnival of the Runners” … “Carnival of the Swift”? Would that intimidate the back-of-the-pack joggers? Of course I want to include everyone.

    “Festival of the Feet”? Kinda catchy, but people might think we’re foot-fetishists (of course, I am, but that’s not what this would be about…)

    “Runners’ Roundup”? Hmm.

  • nancy

    I’d be into this, though titles are for sure not my forte. Running Reads? Fleet Feet… Street? Yeah, I’ll leave that part to you all.


  • nancy

    How about Runenesko?

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