Queens half

So 1:36:57 for the Queens Half-Marathon, my best 1/2 marathon time in five years. Faded a little at the end, but not dramatically. Overall … I’ll take it!

My time is a 7:24 pace (good for 369 out of 2,616 runners; 333 of 1,698 men). It’s sobering to think to qualify for Boston I’ll need to run faster than that, for twice as far.

But hey, I was four minutes faster than my time in the Brooklyn half two months ago, so I’m on the right track…

Chelle ran an incredibly fast race — I’ll let her tell her own story, but damn I was impressed… I think a lot of us were.

The race itself was good, kinda pretty. I thought the course is a little twisty, with a lot of turns and not enough straightaways. But they had a great cover band playing tunes for us at the staging area.

3 comments to Queens half

  • Hey, I’m impressed the Rumrats were able to tear themselves away from White Castle to give you some good sounds at the staging area.
    Great race. 1:36 would be awesome in my book. If Boston qualifying is your goal then I prescribe watching Red Sox games all summer and a few Bruins championship year reruns. Oh, and run more too.
    Good job.

  • nancy

    Great finishing time 1:36. My finishing time is 2:10. It was an awesome day for the race. Queens is always my favorite course.

  • nancy

    Hey, not all of us are White Castle’s fanatics!!!

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