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So White Dade has a post on Jewish girls that is rather opposite to mine:

I think Derek Rose may have written one once, but I am hard pressed to find any praise being doled out for Jewish girls that does not involve oral sex. …

I will say that I have avoided Jewish girls like the plague for most of my dating life. Actually, most of my friends have hooked up with more jews than me. I have slept with more fat girls than Jewish girls, if that gives you any indication of where they stand on my ladder of desirability…

Like it or not, most Jewish girls (aside form the 5’10” adopted Irish blonde I met last week) do not fit the American ideal of beauty. So, much like your overweight or slightly-less-attractive counterparts, you need to learn to compensate in other ways. Being extremely laid back and “cool” is one. Not caring about a guys income or social status is another. Being a total freak in bed is also a good way to offset your height and feature disadvantages. I have met very few Jewish girls who fit any of these descriptions.

I think White Dade just knows different Jewish girls than I do. Or maybe he’s only interested in girls that fit the “American ideal of beauty”? There are a ton of hot Jewish girls who don’t fit any blonde-haired, blue-eyed ideal but are still freakin’ hot. (e.g.). I guess he has in mind the stereotyped “jap” girl from N.J. or Long Island. And those girls are out there, to be sure, but moving in media and running circles those are not the girls I tend to meet. There are a lot of great, laid back, cool, great-in-bed, down-to-earth smart and hot girls Jewish girls out there White Dade…

(But again, I deny I have a “thing” for Jewish girls … there’s a lot of great girls out there of every race. I’m attracted to the person, not the ethnicity).

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  • CL

    How dare you call this post “Moron Jewish girls!” Oy!

    Seriously, good post. I think people who keep an open mind about dating are the ones who end up happiest about it.

    And I agree…sometimes if you want to meet a certain kind of person, you have to hang out in circles where you’d be likely to meet that person. If you are in journalistic and running circles, you probably meet people who are creative and opinionated, or at least have a lot of drive.

  • ariana

    This whole talk of Jewish girls, blow jobs, hot in bed, no classic beauty looks, etc. etc. etc. just seems … I dunno … wrong. Turn the conversation, say, to the proclivities or black or asian women and there’d be an uproar; or at least more an understanding why some of us don’t get this running string on, well, a running site.

  • Well, this is more than a running site. Ethnic differences do exist, and I don’t see why we should be afraid from discussing them openly and honestly.

    Even if some of the differences mentioned are more in people’s imagination — what’s wrong with talking about it? Why should that be “offensive” or wrong? Many of us did not grow up in nyc and don’t necessarily know that much about other cultures/ethnicies. How can any misconceptions get cleared up, if people are afraid to talk about them?

    (See T.A.N.’s brilliant open letter to his “average-sized penis”, or this book)

    And speaking of the proclivities of black or Asian woman, I actually missed this post of White Dade’s on how he’s not attracted to black women. Which is fine — except that he’s basing his opinion on a few months working security at some ghetto club. As one of his commenters asks, “what non-ghetto white guy likes a ghetto girl”? What about the professional sisters from solid middle-class families, who’d never dream of setting foot in a club like that?

  • themofo

    In defense of Ariana’s point, I’d just like to confirm that black girls give great blowjobs.

  • White Dade

    Gosh, Derek, I guess I must need a carrer change. Or perhaps change of venue. Yeah. I have met SOME alright Jewish chicks (mostly on the West Coast, though, and NONE in LA) but for the most part, they are not my type. I used oyu as a nexample because, seriously, that thing you wrote was the only piece of literature I have ever read singing the praises of my tribal sisters. Oh well.

    And yes, I love nothing better than discussing ethnic differences.

  • Joe "Booger" Picker

    Jewish girls under the age of 27 have somewhat of a sense of humor. Many are quite attractive. Above the age of 27, loneliness begins to set in. Following that is anger, then hate for all men, especially the one’s that actually treat them with respect. Years of being used as a human toilet while not being rewarded with a house in westchester or weekends at the shore, as they’ve seen a few other Jewish girls get only strengthens their resolve to never settle. Then they go on jdate, block instant messages, don’t answer e-mails in order to give the impresssion they are too busy w/other men(unless your profiles says you manage a hedge fund!) then call jdate to report you when you write something they don’t like,usually on the message board! Then when you get even older, all that is left is broads over 35. All of them have zoloft or some other medication of the same type.And big fat tushys too.

  • Oh please … are you mad some Jewish girl blew you off on J-date?

    I have decided that the hottest Jewish chicks are the eastern European Jewish women, btw. I quite like that look. I am not so much into the stereotyped Long Island/New Jersey Joooish girls.

  • Hamptons

    Regardless, Derek has jungle fever. Once you go black you can’t go back.

  • D’ya think that Booger Picker is Gil’s brother?

  • “Above the age of 27, loneliness begins to set in. Following that is anger, then hate for all men, especially the one’s that actually treat them with respect…”

    Uh, no, Booger, but clearly that’s what happened to you!!!

  • Joe "Booger" Picker

    “Uh, no, Booger, but clearly that’s what happened to you!!! ”


  • Joe "Booger" Picker

    “Oh please … are you mad some Jewish girl blew you off on J-date?”

    oh no, never! family and friends are very important to me, i do spinning,yoga and pilates.I enjoy everything the city has to offer.i enjoy theater,fine dining,working out at reebok,rollerblading in the park,shop daily at prada, spend my sundays at Bergdorf.i will never settle

  • Joe, trite or not, you clearly have become angry at all women, and you are very obviously lonely as well. I suppose writing these things and insulting millions of women you haven’t met yet is how you feel better, so I wish you luck. I think enjoying theater and fine dining are a lot better hobbies than posting angry screeds on people’s blogs just because your wife left you. There are lots of people in happy marriages, both Jews and non-Jews, all over the place. I’m sure there are JAPS out there, just as there are superficial, cell-phone carrying, impeccably dressed, Bush-loving, Ferrari-driving Wall Streeters who pursue them (are you angry at them too?) There are also horrible men who think highly of themselves and can’t take being turned down by a woman, no matter what the reason, and try to get back at all women after it happens. I’ll bet you know one of those guys.

    If you are that prejudiced about your female Jewish relatives, whether they are good people or not, then stay inside and do all the normal girls out there a favor. The thought that I might actually end up dating someone like you without realizing you are a sociopath makes my mouth go dry. You are clearly not ready to date right now. But if women are that bad, date another angry man. You two will wish you had been a little nicer.

    I’m not going to please you by continuing a flame war. If you are lonely and need to vent, keep it up. Your actions speak for themselves.

  • Joe "Booger" Picker

    you have no idea who i am. why are you writing this? you are also attacking what you percieve wealthy new yorkers being lovers of George Bush. You think anyone that makes money must love him.Wall streeters that make lots of money are generally elitist liberals(jews and others), yes they are people that think like you, only they have money. My writing about single old women is quite true, especially city dwellers.If you call it an attack, then so be it. It is the truth, attack or not.Me? Married many years, children. My wife and i have been responsible for at least 3 couples getting married.We are in a position where we are able to get a front row seat to the horrible situation of single, never marrieds. Maybe I should be nice and liberal like you and say that single men are assholes too. Maybe that makes you happy, but i’m writing with the eyes of a man.Sure, men have their issues, but the problem developed when woman were told by their stupid parents that they dont need a man.They were then let loose like wild animals to roam in large cities all over the world.Being married can make one fantasize about not being married and vise versa.But the statitstics bear out that marrieds are considereably happier. Actually the womens liberation movement has been great for men. The result: many more women available to fuck and use like dogs with no responsibility on the man’s part. That’s why women are becoming more like men and men are becoming more like women.Metrosexuals!! slim pickens, you write like a metrosexual, you probably are one. You dont want to offend anyone unless they vote for Bush, like all those awful people that are married and have families, as they are the backbone of support for our President.You were smart to say you will not comment anymore. How could you lose?If I rant and rave,………….. If i answer differently, well then you’ve got away.Obviously you are on the computer quite often writing. You have become an expert at this as you try to provoke, just like a drying up angry woman will do in her quest to show strength when she jerks around a man who’s nice to her (she’s angry at the men who used her) and he reacts with frustration, which in turn the woman is ready to finish off her attack with the following: “are you angry?” and “you have issues!”Thank you slim.This is the third or 4th time i’m writing on a blog and each time there has been someone like you! Enjoy your’ll be doing it a long time.

  • Booger, this was a post that no one had commented on since
    MAY. You got on it just to post an angry rant about how ALL single Jewish women after 27 are bitter and hate men.

    Then you talk about how they act on Jdate and what they post. Then when someone points out that you are the one writing bitter, hateful stereotypes about the opposite sex (which even you have to admit you have been doing), you try to claim you are married and have children. Yeah, then what are you doing on Jdate? Cheating on your *wife*?

    There are women who are bitter, and there are men who are bitter. Luckily, no but if you look at this board, you will see that women do not believe alol men to be assholes or jerks (as you claimed). Certainly there are assholes and jerks out there, and that can be very hurtful to those of u who are nice girls. You say I dont know you, but what I see from your posts is someone without personality or sense of humor. You are an asshole and a jerk, but there are some great men out there, and great women. It’;s the people who stereotype who are bitter and full of hate. Each of your posts proves it. Good luck with your pretend marriage, you sound really healthy.

  • Maybe if they ate less and worked out more, they would have the Texas sized asses. As far as the big mouth, loud cell phone conversations so all can hear, its the “look at me I’m special syndrome”and “please notice me” things going on. In short, low self esteem. As far as the money think goes, JAPS are lazy bitches who don’t want to actually earn their way in life, they just want to fuck their way to the coin – at least until they marry and then it all ends.

  • Reader

    the funny thing about all these guys who complain about japs is that they don’t look for normal, nice women. they seek OUT japs, then complain when japs are, well, jappy.

    they look for hot women they can impress their friends with, and then get upset when these babes are just as superficial as they are.

    guys, stop complaining and start following your own advice. if you act like a decent human being, you will deserve a decent girl.

  • AD

    Dont waste your time with jewish girls. theyre bitchy, undeserving wenches of women whose only ideal of a decent relationship is “buy me diamonds or i wont even talk to you.”

    as far as the “japs”, who told you to voluntarily seek out a jap? that was your first mistake in my opinion. Secondly, i had a profile on jdate once just because, and most of those girls are fat nasty pigs. Jdate is the most pathetic excuse for a dating site i have seen

  • I don’t want to take your post particularly seriously AD but I don’t want to let it go unrebutted either. All I can say is that I’ve apparently met very different Jewish girls than you have.

  • AD, with your vile personality, even the cruelest, ugliest woman in the world probably won’t touch you with a 10-foot pole, so no wonder you’ve been reduced to spending your time tapping out anonymous insults with your shriveled fingers and shriveled pork-rind dick.

    Considering you have just insulted thousands of Jewish women you have never met, I wish you even worse luck in dating than before. And if you are going to write back and say you get ‘plenty of ass’ or other nonsense, I hope your future STDs, unhappy marriage, and deformed children will help serve to shake you out of your bigotry and ignorance.

    Have a nice day.

  • p.s. not all jewish girls are japs, of course. the key word is “princess,” and they come in all ethnicities. but unfortunately, men like A.D. seek out princesses because they are hot, rather than finding nice girls (jewish or otherwise) to date. As proof, AD, i notice that you complained that the girls on jdate are “fat.” So that makes you a male JAP because you are picky and think you deserve a model. So don’t complain until you find your own personality. Douche.

  • As a non-Jew I don’t really think I would use the term JAP. Maybe among friends I would, but not in public or on the blog. It is kind of an ethnic slur. There are plenty of materialistic, vapid and spoiled non-Jewish girls.

  • […] some of these searches and found that some male bloggers love Jewish girls – find them beautiful. Others think we have “height and feature disadvantages”. Whatever, good things come in small packages. […]