i make strange faces while running, part quatro

41:20 in the Healthy Kidney 10K this morning. Went out a bit too hard — did the first half in 19:51. That’s not a total bonk, but it’s not a smart race either. Looking at the results of the runners who ran a minute to 90 seconds faster than me, an awful lot of them had a slower split at the half. Most run smarter, Rose…

(Chelle passed me at about the 2 1/2 mile mark, going up Harlem Hill. I passed her going back down the hill; then she passed me again and didn’t look back (and finished well over a minute faster than moi).

1 comment to i make strange faces while running, part quatro

  • I was in the park running the opposite direction of the race–I called out your name as you ran by but you didn’t hear me with your iPod on. Luckily you weren’t making that face at the time or I would’ve pretended I didn’t know you…

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