nyc running blogs

So many people have started running blogs in the past few months, I thought it was appropriate to have a directory of NYC-based running blogs.

  • All American or Bust. “The dispatches of a 40-something, comeback-trying Masters runner as he attempts to attain All American standards in Track & Field.”
  • AzianBrewer. Beer and running mix well … “If only you knew the power of the dark side.”
  • Benjamin Wagner. Musings of a musician and marathon runner. (Manhattan)
  • Bex in the City. “i’m a california girl who’s just trying to live it up in nyc.” Just ran NYC marathon in 4:33. (Manhattan)
  • The Derek Rose Blog. This site. 33-year-old runner, reporter and Red Sox fan. (Manhattan)
  • Faster. “All the data that’s fit to blog. Running with my Nike SDM Elite.” (Flushing, Queens)
  • Holy Moly. “I did kick the asses of all the other women on the Hash House Harrier team though … I celebrated with a blood orange margarita – what else?”
  • Josh Morphew. “I live in Astoria, New York with my wife and Harry, our Yorkie. I run 3-4 days a week with the Hellgate Road Runners, am constantly working on new and creative projects with AYA productions.”
  • Kate Sun. Very funny 31-year-old runner making a comeback. Astoria.
  • An assistant professor of clinical medicine at New York Medical College, Vinod just ran a 1:59 half-marathon.
  • Live to Run – Run to Live. “Living in the best city in the world! Fighting my battles day by day, and proudly walking away the champion most of the time. I am 33, single, and have Cystic Fibrosis. The running you are about to read about is not my favorite thing, but is what I’m doing.” (Brooklyn)
  • New York City Runner – Thoughts and Conversations. Adventures of “Beast”, an Ironman triathlete. (Brooklyn)
  • Nic’s Site. Nicola White, a Greater New York Racing Team member. Infrequently updated, but plenty of photos.
  • not so … back of the pack, baby. “Reformed couch potato extrodinare turning, at a snails pace, triathlete. And learning way too much about herself in the process.” (Brooklyn)
  • One foot in front of the other. “One almost-30-year-old woman’s experience training for the 2006 NYC marathon with exactly one year to go.”
  • The Realm of Moz “A fitness/tennis fanatic as well as an avid runner, he is a member of New York Road Runners, The Reservoir Dogs and NYSC. He enjoys spending time with his group of friends under the NYC nightlife.” (Manhattan)
  • Running Commentary. Another Greater New York Racing Team member, Chelle aims to run three hours in the marathon and 40 minutes in the 10K. “Sports as a metaphor for life. Hmm. THAT’S never been done before, right? But this is really more a place to focus on the running and screw the rest of my life. Here’s where I can blab about intervals and carb intake and fantasize about how cool it would be to go to the Olympics someday…” (Manhattan)
  • Toby Tanser’s website, the coach of the N.Y. Flyers. Not exactly a traditional blog, but frequently updated.
  • 34. “Hey you…yeah, you buddy with the red hat and spandex. YOU THINK YOU CAN PASS ME? F-YOU!”
  • Sempre Libera. A 24-year-old Reservoir Dog’s blog. “As Giuseppe Verdi, in La Traviata, so simply described his operatic heroine: ‘Ever free.'” (Manhattan)
  • Personal Record. Yvonne the “Speedy Scott,” a member of the Hellgate Road Runners, ran a 3:30 marathon in October. (Queens)
  • Training hard, hardly training…. Lara aka NYFlygirl is a “workaholic by day, runner and socialista by night.” (Manhattan)
  • Training for My First Marathon. Danny Farkas ran his first marathon Nov. 6. (Bronx)
  • 26.2. Blog of 23-year-old Taylor Washburn, a Columbia law school student who is training to run a sub-2:35 marathon next fall. (Manhattan)
  • Uptown Girl. “So you’ve made it to my little space on the web where I blog about my journeys in New York. You’ll find me running a lot…so try and catch me!” (Manhattan)
  • Vuelta A Espana. A runner and a biker, Chris Baldin lives just 60 seconds from Harlem Hill. (Manhattan).

If you run in NYC, have a blog and want to be added to this list, gimme a yell at running (at) just add yourself in the comments field below!