NYT’s Tierney: Gender gap in running suggests men are naturally more competitive

I’m quite a fan of the NYT’s John Tierney, and he has another interesting column today exploring personality differences between men and women. On personality tests, Tierney writes, “women are more cooperative, nurturing, cautious and emotionally responsive. Men tend to be more competitive, assertive, reckless and emotionally flat. Clear differences appear in early childhood and […]

the downside of being skinny

Okay, so goal one is accomplished! Or half-accomplished. I have been <168 lbs. for a solid week. Actually I got down under 168 two weeks ago but then gorged at my Super Bowl party and was at 169.5. But now I am back on track. Part two of this first goal is to remain under […]

marathon movie in theaters next Thursday

H. passed this along to me — the independent picture “The Spirit of Marathon” will be shown in 450 theaters at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 24 _ next Thursday _ including the Union Square Stadium 14 and the AMC Empire 25 near Times Square.

(I can’t seem to buy online tickets for the Times […]

thursday night at the races

Went to the NYRR’s “Thursday Night at the Races” event last night at the Armory 200m indoor track in Washington Heights. I had never done it before and always wanted to. It’s a very nice facility. Slightly intimidating as there were lots of really great, college-age runners and not so many, er, more mediocre runners. […]